Saccollino area

It couldn’t be otherwise.Saccollino

We decided to call our company Bio-Saccollino mainly for this: its location. The territory has always characterized our products with an essential bond where Man-Nature-Territory merges in the uniqueness of its products.

The “Bio” exception is given by our vocation to bio-dynamic and organic farming since 1991, one of the first Sicilian organic farms in the territory of Noto.

So welcome to Bio Saccollino!

The district of Saccollino, where our organic farm is located, is a few kilometers from Noto.

It can be reached from the SS 115 near the bridge over the River Tellaro opposite the access to the SP 8 Noto – Giarratana) turning left or always from the 115 Noto-Rosolini to the Bivio per San Paolo always on the left.

The area is a quiet countryside that has always been dedicated to agriculture since ancient times. Almond trees, olive trees, and lemon gardens are the crops of the area. The rural settings of Saccollino represent a cross-section of agriculture in the south-east of Sicily.

But like many Sicilian districts, even here in Saccollino we find traces of history since ancient times.

A small reserve not far from our company, according to the historian Tommaso Fazello, is the place where a Saracen fortress would have been placed, the so-called “Castle of Jadid” seems to have had a Sicilian cemetery in the same place.

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